Battlefield 2 REvive: first stage

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Battlefield 2 Worldwide Alliance
PlayBF2 is not only Battlefield 2 game client. Different game servers, development and mod support for BF2, competitive playground — you will find everything of it and more in PlayBF2! We only miss you! Choose any ranked PlayBF2 Alliance server and join battle! Help us to build new united commuity in our favourite game!
If you have PlayBF2 game client installed you can find our servers in the serverlist. If you are using another game client or if you have any difficulties you can always enter the server address manually by clicking on the button Connect to IP in the Multiplayer tab in Battlefield 2 menu.
PlayBF2 T~Gamer Citymaps
PlayBF2 Ranked Conquest Server on the citymaps. Suitable for fans of the full-fledged ground battles!

IP: Port: 16567
PlayBF2 Diesel Airmaps
PlayBF2 Ranked Conquest Server on the airmaps. For those who was born to fly, not crawl!

IP: Port: 16567
PlayBF2 RF! Team Infantry
PlayBF2 Ranked server for the true fans of infantry battles!

IP: Port: 16567
If you want to add your server to the PlayBF2 server list, just write us a message with the name and IP adress of your server on and we will add it. We allow to use private statistics for rankings.
However, please note: in order to use official PlayBF2 stats, your server must be part of the PlayBF2 Alliance.
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