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Features of PlayBF2 Servers
PlayBF2 is not only a Battlefield 2 client but also different community servers powered by PlayBF2 ranking system. Get your ranks in the same way like you did it with GameSpy!
Modification Support
Play vanila game, Special Forces, Real War or any other mod online with other players. You could do this only with PlayBF2 (which makes us very sad)
No bots
Only on the PlayBF2 servers there are no bots simulating the presence of live players at all. Same that become regular on BF2Hub to bring you wrong feelings of many active players is strictly prohibited here. Everyone you see on our servers are real people definetly.
Anti Cheat
Punkbuster anti-cheat is outdated for a long time, but this does not mean that our watch is over. We continue to identify and ban cheaterson all PlayBF2 servers at once. This is a difficult, thankless, but very important job for positive game experience.
If you have PlayBF2 game client installed you can find our servers in the serverlist. In case you are using another game client you could always enter server address manually by clicking Connect to IP button in Multiplayer tab of Battlefield 2's menu.
PlayBF2 T~Gamer Allmaps
PlayBF2 Ranked Server on the both type of maps - Citymaps and Airmaps. Play classic BF2!

IP: Port: 16567
PlayBF2 Relaxdom Custom Maps
PlayBF2 Ranked Server for everyone who is tired off classic maps!

IP: Port: 16567

Important: You will need Relaxdom Mappack to play on the server. Just download it by pressing button below and unpack it to Battlefield 2\mods\levels
PlayBF2 T~Gamer Special Forces
PlayBF2 Ranked server in the official Battlefield 2 DLC Special Forces

IP: Port: 16568
PlayBF2 T~Gamer Real War Server
PlayBF2 Ranked Server in the Real War modification

IP: Port: 17568

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