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Download PlayBF2 game client and join hundreds of players from all over the world, playing Battlefield 2 online even without GameSpy or BF2 Revive. Battlefield 2 is back!
Are you already in Battlefield 2?
If you have already installed game, there is no reason to download the entire PlayBF2 client. Just download and install this small patch and multiplayer of the Battlefield 2 will be at your disposal again!

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Choose any RANKED PlayBF2 server and go into battle, to the new victories in Battlefield 2!

What is PlayBF2?

We created PlayBF2 as the last choise for Battlefield 2 fans. We have done a great job to give everyone the opportunity to play BF2 online, even after GameSpy and BF2 Revive Project shutdown. By this moment PlayBF2 is a full-operational game client, ranked servers with our own PlayBF2 rankings and several thousand players who are still ready to play their favorite game. Join us now!
Full game client. The ability to play with other players online, fully compatible with any mods. All patches, Punkbuster and Special Forces DLC in one place!
Ranked PlayBF2 servers and many other options - ranked, competitve and even servers in different mods
All kinds of events - funwars, tournaments, etc. You can either take part yourself, or watch the community streamers in the recording
More maps, more weapons, more vehicle, unique game format Capture The Flag - those are things which Real War mod provides! Join official discord for the installation info and more

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