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Download PlayBF2 game client and join hundreds of players from all over the world to fight in various battlefields, both on the ground and in the air. Battlefield 2 is back!

Help us to revive our favourite game!

Choose any RANKED PlayBF2 server and go into battle, to the new victories in the old game!
Are you already in Battlefield 2?
If you have already installed game, this is not necessarily to download the entire PlayBF2 client. Just download and install this small patch and multiplayer of the Battlefield 2 at your disposal again!

What is PlayBF2?

First and foremost, PlayBF2 is an association of players, united by one obsession — returning of the former greatness and possibly increase it for Battlefield 2 game. PlayBF2 is non-commercial project, and every Battlefield 2 fan could help us to grow. In order to start helping us, please do one simple thing: go to any game server. So you will become part of a friendly PlayBF2 community.

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Join PlayBF2 Discord server, play with like-minded people in different games and find new friends!
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How to create account in Battlefield 2?
The account is created in the same way as when the game appears - select the Multiplayer tab in the account creation window, enter all the information and click Create account. Well done, your account is created! Do not forget to adjust the settings in the game for yourself!
My server does not appear in the list, what should I do?
In order for Your server to appear in our server list, please email us the following information about your server:
Server name, IP address and Query port.
Important: We never ask financial reward for the placement of servers in the list or partnership in PlayBF2. If you are required money for participation in PlayBF2, be sure that you communicate with scammers.
I am playing on the server, but ranks are not updated. Whats wrong?
It means that you are playing on a non-ranked server. To see available ranked servers in PlayBF2 you need to apply Ranked in the game filters. Please don't use other filters to limit your search - we don't have as many servers left today as we used to. But we hope that we will correct this defect sooner or later!
Is it possible to play on PlayBF2 servers while using another client?
Yes. If you have Battlefield 2 v 1.50 installed and you have created a multiplayer account, you can log in to any PlayBF2 server. They are not displayed in the list of servers, but you can enter the IP address of the desired server by clicking the Connect to IP button. You may find IPs of our servers almost everywhere - on our website, in PlayBF2 Discord or in our social networks.
You guys are cool. I want to support you. How can I do this?
PlayBF2 is non-profit project. Support for PlayBF2 resources and development is provided by some game fans on a voluntary basis. We are always in need of people - the players, the developers of mods, donators. If you want to help us, please email us and describe how you want to do this. We will be glad to take new members to the PlayBF2 team or just make some new friends!
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